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JFW Tuxedo Rental



How to get a tux?

In order to rent or purchase a tux you must be measured and select a tux. Payment in full must be made before ordering. 


Tux rentals usually arrive the Tuesday before your event at about 2:30 p.m. When your tux arrives, you will receive a confirmation text stating it is ready to be tried on and picked up at the store.


Try-On Fitting

We encourage you to try your tux on in the shop- when trying on your tux, we ask that you arrive clean and free of loose dirt or other possible staining agents. If the rare chance occurs that your tux needs a size adjustment, we will re-order the new size the day of fitting and it will arrive Thursday.


Tux Returns

Returning your rental tux is particularly important. Tuxes will be due the Monday after you event before 2:00 p.m. All items of the rental should be returned this day. If you do not return your tux the Monday after, you will be charged $20. This $20 charge will reoccur until the 3rd day your tux is missing. On the third day, you will be charged the full amount of an additional tux rental.

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